I have booked and payed for my very first international adventure. At the end of May I will travel to Fiji to volunteer at schools and villages on the Yasawa Islands for two weeks. Following that I will spend a week exploring the beautiful island of Fiji. For a while I have been searching for something more but I could never put my finger on exactly what it was, what on earth I was searching for or how I would find it.  Volunteering is something that has always interested me but something I put to the back of my thoughts as I believed I would never have the time to do it. Finally, after having a mini breakdown about life as you do when your 20 something, as you feel lost, confused and pressured by the norm of what society expects you to do & after years of always doing things that I believed was expected of me, I had my f*** it moment. For once I want to do something that is REAL, that has some guts and some adventure. My heart has never felt more happier and content & I can’t wait to see what this incredible opportunity will bring me!

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