Being present.

This little thought occurred to me the other day whilst  I was on the train on the way home from uni.  As  I sat down and looked around me and  I noticed everyone around me had there heads down and were absorbed in their phones… I know that today we live in a world that is dominated by technology and social media, its available to us 24/7. If you have a question or need to know something a few clicks on your smart phone and you have all the information in the palm of your hands. And a few months ago, I know myself would of been the same as everybody else who was sat around me, buried in my phone, looking at things and pictures that if I was being completely honest with myself didn’t really interest me, I was just scrolling probably out of habit and boredom. However this one particular day I just wasn’t interested, I simply was enjoying taking in everything that was happening around me. At the next stop a older lady sat next to me, I smiled and she smiled back. She then turned to me and asked “how has your day been”. This sense of excitement came over me and of course I replied. We were talking back and fourth for the whole train ride, she was showing me her new handbag she had brought, about how much a bargain it was and also commented on the fact she liked that I was being present..

When I got off the train, there was a little bounce in my step, I was buzzing off the fact I had communicated with a stranger. It was the most amazing feeling and I couldn’t stop thinking about her comment ” I like how you are so present ” .  It awakened something inside me, it awakened the idea of talking with strangers is a beautiful gesture, it makes you feel like your living.  I feel like it’s such a shame that technology has such a big impact on our everyday lives & that we are always with our heads down, consumed by a tiny device. It made me realize that if you just look up some more you can witness beautiful things, talk to someone interesting or just make someones day by just simply immersing yourself in a conversation. That’s living, that’s being present. We rely so much on technology nowadays its sad and I think it causes a lot of unnecessary issues, like if people don’t like something we are hurt or offended, if we don’t get a response we become impatient as we want the answer NOW, no ones willing to wait for anything anymore. Now I am not saying throw your phones out and stop using them, they do have a huge impact in society and I think its great how its evolved over time to keep us connected. What I am saying however, is to just once or maybe twice in your day put down your phone and look up and take in everything that’s happening  around you, talk to a stranger on the train, smile at the person opposite you, be present in the moment & enjoy the beauty of being alive.

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